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Cable Miles

Cable Miles is VDC’s annual loyalty programme. Spend over £100 with us (net value of goods excluding carriage) and we’ll start to reward you with Cable Miles.

Cable Miles can be cashed in for account credit at the end of the calendar year. If your business has a seasonal turnover you can also choose to cash in your Miles at the end of each quarter, getting credit on your account when you need it most.

Cable Miles rewards accrue on an annual basis and depending on the scale of your orders. The more you spend, the more credit rewards - or Miles - you receive, based on five different Tiers, each named and categorised by Pass names.

The Cable Miles programme is part of the new vdctrading.com website launched on October 12th 2021. Rewards are calculated on orders dated on and after October 1st 2021.

This year's Cable Miles will be carried forward into 2022.

Cable Miles Tier
Spending bracket
Miles per £10
Get back up to
Guest List
£100 – £4,999
3 miles
Backstage Pass
£5,000 – £14,999
4 miles
After Show
£15,000 – £49,999
5 miles
£50,000 – £99,999
7 miles
Access All Areas
£100,000 +
10 miles
Cable Miles

You will find the redeem / cash out button in your Cable Miles Dashboard.

You can cash out your Cable Miles at the end of any Quarter for a two week period. If you don’t cash out at a given Quarter’s end, the total will accrue into the next Quarter, until the year end, when redeeming the full year’s Miles is mandatory.

This year’s Cable Miles will be carried forward into 2022 and will be first made available for redemption at the end of the first Quarter of next year.

Read the Cable Miles Ts & Cs
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